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     Acknowledgment statement

Telangana State Nurses, Midwives, Auxiliary Nurse Midwives and Health Visitors Council (TSNMC) has developed the online registration system for nurses and midwives to provide an online platform to the candidates who have qualified from nursing courses to enroll for the practice in the state of Telangana.

The TSNMC online registration system draws a lot of inspiration from the work done by Directorate of Medical Education (DME), Government of Telangana State (TS) who has spearheaded the development and implementation and has been instrumental in facilitating the participation of key TS stakeholders. The TSNMC online registration system has been possible due to the leadership provided by several key official of TS including the Principal Secretary (Health), Director NRHM, Director DME, Director of Health, Chief Information Officer (DME) and Additional Director – Family Welfare.

In addition to DME, TS, large credit goes to National Informatics Center (NIC), TS for developing the software and providing support in implementing across the state.

The online registration system has been developed with the technical assistance from PEPFAR, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention under project SNEH (Strengthening Nursing Expertise in HIV/AIDS) managed by FHI 360 in collaboration with local partners.


Important Note:
1. This is to inform all that the Telangana State Nurses & Midwives Council was accorded permission by Govt. of Telangana State wide memo no. 12444/F1/2015, dt:12-01-2016, for initiating online Registration, Renewals and Noc's through nursing HRHMIS,(http://hmis.telangana.gov.in)
2. The Colored Certificate of Renewal which is generated online, with signature of the registrar to be treated as original.
3. If required obtain a print of this.
Desinged & Developed for TSNMC by NIC,
Hyderabad, Telangana